What is unseen NYC image

What is Unseen NYC?

Unseen NYC isn’t about a wall in Astoria covered by an desperate mass of random, shitty tags.

It’s also not about Banksy’s publicity stunts, but that’s a little closer to what we’re going after.

UnseenNYC is about what catches your eye.  On the subway, on the street, just off the NYU campus, around Central Park or a collection of people trying to make sense of Times Square on their first visit to the city.

What is unseen NYC image

It’s a visual embodiment of that unspoken language New Yorkers seem to know inherently.  The way a community is formed on each subway car, on each train throughout the city.  These images are the unseen aspects of beauty in this city  –  the freckles beneath your shirt.

It’s art where the canvas might be illegal, but the message is still just as important.

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