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Fumero’s Street Art Oasis

NYC is where I was born, NYC is where I went to art school and NYC is the home base for clandestine after dark activities. The epicenter of the modern world is New York, it has a character all it’s own. Especially Lower Manhattan where neighborhoods still retain much of its original 19th and turn of the century architecture, accompanied by narrow winding streets. The older neighborhoods such as The LES or The Lower East Side, Greenwich Village as well as the Williamsburg, Bushwick and Dumbo neighborhoods of Brooklyn have great wall locations, or what I call Street Art Oasis. The Candy Factory in Soho, the 22nd St. Wall in Chelsea, the Bowery Bank Building, Factory Fresh, etc., are  street art oasis spots which add to the distinctive look, feel and the energy that is NYC. These are designated areas where the art saturated walls have layers upon layers of wheat pasted paper art that is constantly changing and evolving, pealing and decaying. I refer to these street art walls as street art oasis. They remind me of little watering holes lush with vegetation that are found in the middle of deserts. But in this case, walking around NYC one can suddenly find him or herself in front of a street art wall fertile with living art in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of the hectic city. Onlookers can take a moment to stop and gaze upon the pleasant array of expression produced by a random collaboration of artists contributing to the movement ofStreetartism.

New York is not only relegated to wall shrines but any surface that can be pasted-on or stickered-up is a possible shrine for urban expressionism. NY has an abundance of street art from many different artists, not only from NY or USA but all around the globe. NY is a global city, all roads once led to ancient Rome but in the modern age they lead to New York. Where else would be a more suitable town to get down with getting-up?….New York City, my city.

The Table Series Logo has been on the NYC scene for nearly 5 years. This simple logo representing not only family but how “the table” brings family together. The family that “breaks bread” together stays together, is the concept. The catalyst for expressing this graphic as a personal street art logo evolved from my fine art. I began creating acrylic paintings with the theme of the family around the table combined with my approach to fine art illustration that I developed when I was a BFA student studying at The School of Visual Arts. The combination of theme and my painterly style developed into Fumeroism. I resurrected myself back onto the streets but not as a graffiti writer, as in my former past, but as a contemporary fine artist turned street artist at night. I couldn’t wait on the long lists of galleries to review my portfolio on CD with countless other artists CD portfolios. I frequently was told by galleries that they were booked for the next 2 to 3 years before they were accepting new artists submissions for review. I wanted to show my paintings to the public but I couldn’t, so I created the TSLogo in response and introduced it to the public. Although this logo image was not any of my original paintings, it is a symbol that I wanted to express as a message, or a reminder that a strong family unit fosters and creates strong individuals. Family is important and sharing meals together is the act of unity, love and culture. I grew up around the kitchen table, that’s where the parties were located, meals were eaten, or just sitting out the table listening to the grown-ups speak and laugh as I drew on notebook paper and played with the glass sugar dispenser by pouring sugar onto the table and making designs with my finger. As a contemporary street artist from NY, I feel the sense that I am contributing to the one aspect of New York City’s historical past and am fortunate to have the great city of the Empire State as my city where I share and spread my vision to the public.

Fumero will be participating in the upcoming Art Bazaar. Feb.18th 6-9m, Feb. 19th & 20th 12-7pm | 175 7th Ave & 20th St.
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