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Blog Spotlight: NewYorkShitty

One of the best parts of running these blogs is that you will inadvertently run into other cool blogs that are also doing some cool stuff. Enter: NEWYORKSHITTY

NewYorkShitty A.K.A.:

In April of 2006 Miss Heather got fed-up with her Greenpoint neighbors’ dog shit all over the streets. She did what any decent, red blooded American would…she blogged about it. What is so compelling about a dogshit blog, you ask? Absolutely nothing. Who wants to look at a bunch of pictures of Brooklyn dogshit? Not me…that’s gross. Luckily Miss Heather is far more creative than that and began lacing her turds with commentary about her New York City experience.

New York Shitty Pipe

Soon it was less about shit from a dog and more about all of the shit around her. Photographs, stories, rants and rambles. Commentaries offer this new Yorker’s perspective of the city and are never too long-winded.

I like to pick through the archives menu on the left and choose a month, choose a post and kill some time browsing backwards or forwards, post by post. Miss Heather tells her readers a story of New York City at street level. If you live here you can relate to her commentary and familiarity of the city streets in the many photographs she posts.

Even if you’ve never been to Gotham, NewYorkShitty will give you a bit of perspective and clues into some of the inside jokes that you wouldn’t otherwise get.

Grab a reader, click the link to the NewYorkShitty RSS feed and waste some time.

Bored and Youthful in New York Shitty

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